The Benefits of Soft Water for Skin and Hair

Soft water is becoming a popular choice for both homes and businesses as its many benefits are discovered and shared. With a simple installation, a water softener can improve the quality of cooking, drinking, bathing, and even cleaning. In addition to a number of other health benefits, soft water also offers the opportunity for soft skin and hair.

Glowing Skin with Water Softener

As hard water is much less effective in mixing with soap, shampoo, and other products, it is more difficult to work into an acceptable lather. this means that more product is necessary and soap is less effective at cleaning skin. This also creates a sticky residue that lingers on skin and clogs your pores. A water softener removes the minerals that prevent hard water from combining with soap and leads to softer, cleaner skin with a visible improvement.

Hard water can also dry skin out, leading to itchiness and other issues. Those suffering from eczema and other skin conditions can especially benefit from soft water, as it can reduce swelling, inflammation, and itchiness. Research has indicated that hard water is an exacerbation for eczema, which affect ups to 11% of the population, while soft water can alleviate its symptoms.

Soft Water Gives You Silky Hair

The problematic minerals found in hard water also cause the cuticles of hair to stand up and creates a rough feeling. It can also trap bacteria in the hair and contain large amounts of lime, chalk, and other harsh minerals. Your hair’s natural oils are also stripped away with hard water, while soft water leaves these for a softer texture and shine.

The hair and skin of an entire household can benefit from softened water as it promotes healthy oils on the skin and hair while reducing the amount of products used. Families with a water softening system have consistently reported a noticeable difference in the condition of their hair and skin. If you’d like to learn more about what a water softener can do for your home, contact the professionals of Texas Water Softeners today.