5 Big Reasons To Drink More Water

It’s no secret that drinking lots of water is healthy. From athletes to models, everyone emphasizes the importance of drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. But what are the specific benefits of water? Here are 5 ways that increasing your daily water intake can improve your health.

Improve Your Skin

Through hydrating your skin, water can help it feel less dry and taut. An insufficient amount of hydration can make your skin appear flaky or dull, while plenty of water can help reduce wrinkling. There’s some debate, but some insist that keeping hydrated can also help your skin clear up and avoid blemishes. Whether that’s factual or not, it’s true that drinking ample amounts of water will improve the overall health of your skin, just like your body’s other organs.

Boost Your Immune System

Just like all the other systems in your body, your immune system needs water to function properly. In addition to helping your blood bring oxygen where it’s needed, water helps your kidneys to flush toxins from your bod. Plus, water helps your body produce lymph, which is important to circulate white blood cells and important nutrients to where they are needed throughout the body.

Get Your Day Started

Water is a great way to wake up your body in the morning. By drinking a glass of water as part of your morning routine, your body’s processes can begin waking up, without the negative side effects of coffee.

Help Digestion

In addition to helping you avoid less healthy options, such as sodas, water can actively improve your digestive processes. Water within the body can help foods to more easily break down after consumption, plus it helps you to generate plenty of saliva, which makes the whole digestion process smoother.

Energize Your Body

Cells within the body must maintain a healthy balance of fluids to function properly. Faced with dehydration, muscle cells can shrivel and be unable to properly perform. Especially for athletes that lose large amounts of water through sweat during physical activities, it’s important to replace that hydration and keep muscles supplied with plenty of water to ensure that the body has lots of energy.

In addition to the basic necessity of keeping your body working, water is essential to boosting your quality of life and improving your overall health. Regular access to filtered water within your home is an excellent method to encourage proper hydration in your whole family.

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